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Its a picture of Heather Wright and it say's "Let's talk about your middle schooler's IEP".

Heather Wright, M.Ed.
Special Education Consultant/Advocate

Are you ready to change your child's IEP?  I can help.
Kids (middle school) are entering a school.
About Heather, middle school special education teacher who works collaboratively.  She is also a Master IEP Coach®.
What we can do together:  prioritize, document, meeting attendance, trouble shoot.
How we can work together.
Does any of this sound like you?  Lets work together.
This is where clients can schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me.

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Collaboration, data, research, and working together.
Testimonials. One is for an elementary aged student and one is for a middle school aged student.
Email support, IEP strategies that work, and meeting support.
Featured and Guest Speaker.  Learning Disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, Parents, Master IEP Coach®, Podcast
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