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Free Phone Consultation

Special Needs Parents, navigating the IEP process and the school system can be tough! Let’s schedule 30 minutes together, so you can share your top 3 concerns with me. I’ll share with you the next steps that you can take for your child and we’ll see if we’re a perfect fit to build your child’s IEP together!

Math Tutoring

Grades 3-8; I meet with your student, in-person or online, in a one-on-one environment. I work to identify specific strengths and weaknesses and provide individualized
instruction. Minimum time 1hour/week.

IEP Review

Maybe you’re prepping for an IEP meeting or you just have a gut feeling that you might be missing something in your child’s IEP. When you send me your child’s IEP and we will use this 1 hour of time to review it together, on the phone, you’re going to feel a sigh of relief that you are no longer alone and your voice is being heard with a plan of action. In addition, you will receive an advocacy or needs letter. It’s time to change your child’s special education experience!

IEP Meeting Attendance

I attend the IEP meeting in-person or online to support you through
the process to develop a plan that allows for student success. Prior to the meeting we will
discuss your top 3 concerns, I will review the draft IEP, and we will have a 20-minute
preparation meeting via phone or zoom. After the meeting, there would be a debrief via phone, zoom, or email.

Advocacy and Consultation

One-on-one advocacy and consultation gives you 3 hours of time that you can use, within 12 months, for me to assist you in the many areas of the IEP process. This gives you the flexibility to use the time that best works for you and your family. Topics can include:

  • Review of your child’s current IEP

  • Analysis of other educational documents such as progress reports, testing reports

  • Developing a parent input statement

  • Review of assistive technology needs

  • Pre-IEP meeting consultation to prepare and review your concerns

  • Develop and create a parent communication strategy for home to school communication

  • Consulting access via email, phone, or online

  • Write advocacy letters


Gina C.


Heather Wright, M.Ed has served as an advocate for two of our children, one with behavioral needs and the other with learning delays. In both instances, Mrs. Wright has been an invaluable asset. She assists us in making a list of concerns that we want to address at each meeting, provides prompt communication, knows just the right questions to ask at meetings, and is able to
diffuse what can, at times, become a tense situation, always making sure the best interest of our child is at the forefront of the decision-making by the IEP team. Often, we as parents, aren’t aware of what a school could be doing for our child. Mrs. Wright’s background in education allows her to come to meetings with experience and suggestions for strategies and supports that would best benefit our children. We are extremely satisfied with the support and services we have received from Mrs. Wright. She comes highly recommended by our family to meet all your educational advocate needs.

Staci Z.



It is very hard to sum up in a few sentences what Heather Wright has done for our child and our family! She goes above and beyond and puts the child and their needs above everything else. She explains everything in simple terms to make sure you and your child understand the best path to take and ensure educational success. I would HIGHLY recommend her…she truly makes the IEP experience a smooth on and you know your child is on the perfect path to meet their needs and succeed.

Lorri C.



Heather is a great teacher to work with and learn from! The kids adore her, and she makes
learning math fun! Her IEP’s and data highlight students strengths and weaknesses with well thought out present levels and goals and objectives! She is of the few teachers I have worked for that I admired and exemplified excellence in everything she does!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Heather Wright, M.Ed and I am passionate about the world of special education. I began my career in special education more than 15 years ago determined to make a difference in the lives of the students I taught. I wanted to be the teacher that I didn’t have and meet students where they were. Throughout my years in the classroom, I have had the opportunity to work with parents and teachers navigating the IEP process and developing a plan to allow for student success. My goal is to support you through this seemingly difficult process by providing you with the tools that allow you to be an advocate for your child while developing a plan for their educational career.

You are not alone!


  • Completed the Master IEP Coach ® Mentorship with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed and member of the Master IEP Coach ® Network

  • Licensed K-12 Special Education Teacher in Georgia

  • Licensed K-5 Elementary Education Teacher in Georgia

  • Licensed 6-8 Mathematics Teacher in Georgia

  • Master of Education, Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities


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